Playful & Frugal STEMBucket Programme

Transforming everyday household objects into fascinating and exciting STEM-based projects

Case Study - Malaysia


The STEMBucket © programme stems from the idea and desire to make STEM subjects more fun and enjoyable for students in schools by transforming everyday household objects into fascinating and exciting STEM-based projects that children can work on with teachers and peers. During the pandemic in 2021, a pilot initiative was launched. The programme was innovatively executed in three different modes: physical, online, and hybrid.

At home, STEMBucket © programme has demonstrated that science can still be fun and engaging across all modes of execution. The most important takeaway for both the children and mentors was that science could be explored using household materials. The community members showed a high degree of interest and participation in the activities, emphasising the values of scientific knowledge in everyday life.

Target Audience

The project involved 200 participants; 100 students from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, aged 24 to 27 years, pursuing a bachelor’s degree, and 100 young children aged 10 to 12 years. Since the university students are in various parts of Malaysia, they were divided into groups based on their location or the nearest location. Each group was expected to reach out to a minimum of one child each. Due to the Movement Control Order/pandemic lockdown, the selected children can either be a family member or someone from their neighbourhood.

Malaysia: Country-wide

Students from across the nation took part in this project.

SDG 4: Quality Education
SDG 5: Gender Equality
SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Aims & Objectives

Students undergoing a Project Management course at UNIMAS are required to execute a community- oriented project with a group of young adults within their communities. The activity which was decided for the course was to create awareness among young children that we can save the environment by repurposing recyclable and reusable materials which can be found around them.

Hence, the STEM activity on the “Water Filter” task was created to share how to make a water filter using recycled material with the participants. The created activity uses the science thinking frugal playful model to bridge the science communications between all participants. This type of activity aims to create awareness that science is among us through play using frugal materials.


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Playful & Frugal STEMBucket Programme Case Study Narrative

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The activity was carried out over a period of 3 months and was divided into three phases: pre-execution, execution, and post execution.

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Malaysia: Country-wide

Students from across the nation tool part in this project.