Getting to Know 6th Grade

ACES Challenge Entry

Quach Thi Thuy Thien

Nguyen Tat Thanh High Quality Practical School, Hoa Binh Province



Sixth grade is a big transition year for Vietnamese students when they begin middle school. They tend to encounter changes in classes, teachers, curriculum, learning methods, etc. To prepare for this big change, incoming 6th graders were invited to participate in a number of activities to familiarize themselves with the new context. Activity #1: Difficulties of a middle school student. Teachers and students discussed, asked, and answered questions about challenges confronted by a middle school student. Activity #2: Differences in middle school subjects. Students were guided to compare subjects at primary and secondary school levels. Activity #3: Learning methods of middle school students. Students learned about suitable learning methods for middle school. Activity #4: Treasure hunt game. Students were divided into groups to participate in a treasure hunt game at the school’s Green playground.

Learning and Competency Outcomes

The students’ questions about the secondary school environment were answered enthusiastically by the teachers. Students also learn appropriate learning methods, prepare better psychologically, and easily adapt to new environments.

Playful Aspects

This lesson integrates diverse, flexible learning modes and activities, stimulating students’ initiative, cooperation, and creativity. After spending time in the classroom, the students were allowed to practice and play at the Green playground with sports games combined with answering questions and searching for information. These games were competitive, requiring effective collaboration between team members. The students could play, learn, and develop comprehensively in terms of knowledge, physical health, and mental health. Thus, the teachers took advantage of the school’s available facilities to organize lessons for the students, helped them improve communication, develop teamwork, leadership, and motor skills, so that they became ready for a new journey.

Frugal Aspects

The teachers took advantage of the school’s available facilities to organize lessons for the students, including the Green Playground; a frugally developed education space built from repurposed and upcycled materials.