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Arantxa Venessa Anak Derahim (Merapokians!)

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Merapok



STEM PORT is a game developed according to Bloom’s Taxonomy in order to create a more interactive teaching and learning experience, especially for STEM subjects. It is an effort to encourage and intrigue the students to learn through gamification methods. This breaks the usual norm of studying using traditional methods. STEM PORT is a type of game that focuses on the student’s gross and fine motor skills alongside critical thinking aspects that further enhance the learning experience. This game specifically emphasizes this skill as it involves the body’s nervous system, muscles, and brain working simultaneously to achieve the desire effects.

This game requires the players to use both their physical and mental ability to answer questions or solve equations during the game. Stimulation is essential to arouse interest, enthusiasm, and excitement. This game is hoping to achieve the maximum amount of stimulation needed for students to be immersed in learning while playing the game. Endorphin hormones are released while playing the game through solving the problems and completing the game is paramount as it promotes positive consequences with learning experiences. Thus, STEM PORT has the potential to ease the teaching and learning experience.

Learning and Competency Outcomes

The outcome from playing this game is very apparent as the student that is involved in the test run for this game stated that they enjoyed the game. The enjoyment that they had is closely associated with the questions and equations solved which led to a core memory whereby they are able to remember the problems and the correct answers. It also evokes the student’s competitive spirit, and they wanted more activities using STEM PORT. They are more excited for classes with interactive activities. This shows positive outcomes from the STEM PORT gamification learning.

Playful Aspects

Playful aspects of this game are that it involves physical interactions that are lacking in this era of digital advancements. Technology is a wonderful creation, but it has since created an isolation that leads to various health and mental problems. Moreover, this game is originated from a board game and by creating a life size board game where the pawns are substituted with actual humans is a novel idea. It encourages the players to interact with each other whilst solving the problems provided. It is playful in terms of combining both interactive activities and physical interactions among humans.

Frugal Aspects

Frugal aspects of STEM PORT are that it is a concept that can be applied to numerous types of ground surfaces, and it is accessible by all walks of life. STEM PORT can be either drawn or etched onto any desired surface simply by using chalk as the medium or even a stick to outline the game. This is the pièce de resistance for STEM PORT as it only requires the outline of the game and one DIY dice to play the game. The problems can be prepared according to the lessons on the day and, by the end of the game, it can easily be erased and doesn’t take up any permanent physical location.