Water Purification

ACES Challenge Entry

Ruby Sesang Nur F

SDIT Al Lauzah



As the country with the fourth-largest population in the world, the availability of clean water is an important issue for the Government of Indonesia because it involves people’s welfare. Therefore, easy access to clean water is believed to be a way to break the chain of poverty and maintain the life cycle. As you saw with this experiment, filtering dirty water to make it clean enough to drink takes time and effort. It is very important to save the water we use every day and not waste it.

Learning and Competency Outcomes

The learning outcome of this experiment is that children will know about how to make a simple water purification system using materials that they can find and reuse easily, such as used plastic bottles. By doing this experiment, children will understand how materials are filtered out of the water and what it takes to create a clean water source.

Playful Aspects

The playful aspect of this experiment is that children make sure to pour their water slowly through the filter. Pouring it too quickly can disrupt the layers in your filter. Also, make sure the hole in the cap isn’t too large. Again, it’s important that the water flow slowly through the filter.

Frugal Aspects

The materials that we choose are simple, easy to find, and financially affordable. Further, anyone who wants to do this experiment can change or modify the materials used. The impact of this experiment on the environment is to make society aware of the importance of saving water and not wasting it.