Muong Ethnic Language and Culture

An educational playground model, combining playfulness and streamlined education

Case Study - Vietnam


The case study of the Muong Ethnic Language takes place in Hoa Binh, a mountainous province in the North of Vietnam. It is part of ACES Vietnam’s Playful School model which features the curriculum development of the Muong ethnic language, using the Green Playground as a pedagogical approach, as well as Playful and Frugal Aspects. This case study consists of curriculum development, material development, and toolkits of playful learning activities that can be used in teaching the Muong ethnic language and culture.

Target Audience

The project involved approximately 100 participants: 95 students and 5 teachers in Hoa Binh Education College. In addition, it targeted a wider community of the Muong* ethnic culture in Hoa Binh and across the country.

*The Mường is an ethnic group native to northern Vietnam. The Muong are the Vietnams’s third largest minority group out of 53, with an estimated population of 1.45 million (according to the 2019 census). The Muong people inhabit the mountainous region of northern Vietnam. They are most closely related to the ethnic Vietnamese (Kinh).

Nguyen Tat Thanh

Hoa Binh City

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being
SDG 4: Quality Education
SDG 5: Gender Equality

Aims & Objectives

The Muong ethnic language project aims to provide teachers with innovative pedagogical approaches and curriculum transformation in teaching the language and culture, as per the requirement of the Ministry of Education and Training (2018). It is a brand-new curriculum that can integrate both the Green Playground as a pedagogical approach for playful learning and Frugal STEM.

Teachers of the Muong ethnic language joined ACES Vietnam’s training workshops on pedagogies, design thinking, gamification, and frugal aspects. They co-designed activities and co-developed lesson plans and learning materials. Other aspects such as testing and assessment, extra-curricular activities, experiential learning, and promotion of the language and culture were also taken into account.

The project supported teachers in addressing local socio-cultural issues and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 3 – Good health and well-being; SDG 4 – Quality education; and SDG 5 – Gender equality.


The case study has been active since April 2021 and is set to complete by June 2022. It consists of 5 major sections: (i) Introduction of ACES and Frugal Stem, (ii) Gamification/Design Thinking in curriculum development, (iii) Development of materials and activities; (iv) Demonstration of teaching and coaching; and (v) Evaluation of the curriculum.


Muong Ethnic Language and Culture: Case Study Narrative

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Nguyen Tat Thanh

Hoa Binh City